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Student Responsibilities

Student Responsibilities For Caring For Chromebooks

General Care

  • Leave asset tags displayed; do not tamper with or remove.
  • Leave vents uncovered.
  • Clean the screen with a soft, dry microfiber cloth if needed.
  • To clean other parts of the device (including keyboard), use designated computer disinfectant wipes. Never clean an electronic device with water.
  • Report any damage to the device as soon as possible. This means no later than the next school day.

Classroom Habits

  • Center the device on the desk.
  • Use two hands to open the lid and carry the device.
  • Close the lid before standing up.
  • Follow all directions given by the teacher.
  • Follow copyright laws and cite appropriately sources used from electronic media.
  • Convey to your teacher as quickly as possible, without discussing with other students, any identified security problems or potential online safety issues.


  • Never pile things on top of the device.
  • Store device flat and standing up on its side.
  • Never leave the device on the bottom of the locker.
  • Never leave the locker set to open without entering the combination.

Traveling to, from, and around school

  • Never leave the device unattended for any reason. Use lockers/PE lockers to lock up in school.
  • Completely shut down the device before traveling.
  • Do not leave the device in a vehicle.
  • If ever in a situation where someone is threatening you for your device, give it to them and tell a staff member as soon as you arrive at school.
  • Do not lean against the device or on your backpack with the device inside.

At home

  • Take your device home every day.
  • Charge the device fully each night.
  • Use the device in a common room of the home.
  • Store the device on a desk or table - never on the floor!
  • Leave the power cord/charger at home.
  • Protect the device from:
    • Extreme heat or cold
    • Food and drinks
    • Other liquid substances
    • Small children or pets