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School Site Council (SSC)

Welcome to School Site Council (SSC)

Blair's School Site Council serves as the school community's representative body for:

  • Determining the focus of the school's academic instructional program, known as the "Single Plan".
  • Deciding how to spend certain funding that the school receives each year.  This includes funds used for school improvements, students that are learning English, library, sports, counseling, computers, supplies and other purposes. 

The Council often discusses other issues of concern at the school as well. 

The School Site Council includes teachers, the principal, non-teaching staff, parents, community members and students. Members are elected by the groups they represent.  

Election of officers was held and the following were elected:
-Chair: Jennifer Higginbotham
-Vice-Chair: Bernadette Cole
-Secretary: Grace Keshishian

The Council meets on the first Thursday of each month at 3:30 pm.  Members of the school community and the public are welcome at all meetings.