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Middle School Advisory



The Middle School Advisory (MSA) provides Blairents of middle schoolers more insight into their students’ education and experiences while going to middle school at Blair. During MSA meetings, parents can ask questions, discuss relevant topics and issues, learn more about what is happening and plan activities.

Middle School Advisory was conceived to make sure Blair's middle school students receive as rich and engaging of an educational experience during grades 6-8 as possible. MSA is a collaborative effort between parents, staff and students to bridge the years between elementary school (where parents provide almost 100% of the support) to high school where parents provide little direct support for student activities (ceding most organization to the Associated Student Body student government, ASB).  

Besides organizing activities, MSA is a forum for addressing middle school specific issues with the aim of problem solving in a creative, collaborative environment. Some activities grew out of the MSA and have since become middle school traditions, but there is always room for growth and change depending on the needs and make up of the current middle school students.

MSA meetings

The MSA meets on First Thursday Parent Meetings Night, right after the PTSA Association meeting and First Thursday special presentation. MSA meetings typically last from 7:00 - 8:00 pm.

What do our middle schoolers do?

Here are just some of the fun things our students will do in middle school at Blair!

  • International Day
  • Halloween Party
  • Spring Party
  • 8th grade science camp at Catalina Island Marine Institute
  • Grade level ice skating field trips
  • Clubs
  • MS sports teams (thru LEARNs); training with HS sports teams