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Volunteering At Blair

What Is Your Status?

I already filled out a PUSD Volunteer Application at my child's previous school.
Great! We want you to volunteer at Blair too! 

I already received Level 2 clearance from PUSD before coming to Blair.
Great! You need to contact the Community Assistant at Blair's Family Resource Center.

I was already cleared as a volunteer at Blair last year.
Great! Thanks for your service and willingness to keep volunteering. You need to update your volunteer service form each year or whenever your duties change.

I'm not a parent but want to volunteer.
Great! See the Community Assistant to start the process, which is slightly different for community members.

I'm not signed up as a volunteer but want to chaperone my kid's field trip--this week.
Great! We hope we can get your application process underway enough in time for the field trip, but please be patient and understanding.

I'm a Blair teacher and want to make use of many eager parents.
Great! Please don't wait till the last minute, but create volunteer assignments and send parents for processing.

I always sign in and out when I come on campus as a volunteer, but what about my volunteer time outside of school?
Great that you are properly signing in and out! We want to recognize any additional volunteer time as well (e.g. buying supplies, collating papers at home etc.) so please report all your Blair volunteer hours each month.

I already told the PTSA Volunteer Coordinator I want to volunteer.
Great! PTSA does a lot! If you are volunteering during school however, you must be processed as a school volunteer.

Volunteers Make A Difference

Your first step to be a volunteer is to meet with our Blair Community Assistant.
This applies to ALL volunteers, whether you have previously were processed at another PUSD school or not.

The next steps are to complete the volunteer application, provide "negative" TB certificate, complete the volunteer orientation, sign Confidentiality and Child Abuse Reporting form and complete Child Safety Background check . 

The PUSD volunteer application form is available in the Blair Family Resource Center (FRC) and online. In addition to the form, PUSD's "Volunteer Quick Tips" and other information including forms in Spanish, can be picked up in the FRC or viewed or downloaded from the district website

It will be determined based on your volunteer assignment if you need Level 1 or Level 2 clearance. Most assignments require Level 1 clearance. Level 2 clearance requires additional time and expense to the district for fingerprinting. 

ALL volunteers need to complete a Blair volunteer service form EACH year outlining their volunteer assignments.