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English Learners Advisory Committee (ELAC)

Welcome to English Learners Advisory Committee (ELAC). 

Each school that has 21 or more English Learners is required by the California Department of Education to form an English Learner Advisory Committee.

ELAC Purpose and Responsibility:

  • To assist the principal in the development and implementation of an appropriate training program that shall empower the members to their responsibilities under California state guidelines and relevant Federal and State Laws and District policies.
  • To plan, develop and advise the school principal in the development of a process for the ongoing revision, development, and monitoring of the School Plan for the education of English Learners.
  • Under the guidance of the DELAC, to review the EL Program annually at each school
  • To assist the school in conducting the needs assessment.
  • To review the school’s language census.
  • To assist the principal in the development and promotion of a process for awareness and involvement in all facets of school activities including but not limited to student attendance, academic achievement, co-curricular activities, and other community activities.
  • To review the school’s Master Plan before presentation to the District.
  • To convene monthly meetings.

Membership: The ELAC shall consist of parents of English Learners, school employees, community representatives, and other parents interested and individuals who live within the school’s attendance zone.

Meetings: During the School year, ELAC meets on the First Thursday of every month for more information email Ms. Maldonado

ELAC Officers:

Ms. Luz Madera, President

Mr. David Espinoza,  Vice-President

Ms. Margiory Suarez, Secretary

Ms. Roxana Gonzalez, Parliamentarian

Mr. Arturo Flores and Mr. Escalante Rep. DELAC