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Campus JROTC Area

The JROTC area on Blair's campus is located in the main "A" building. The JROTC area includes:

  • instructors' office,
  • classroom
  • arms room
  • pellet rifle range
  • limited storage

These are the minimum rooms required as part of offering a JROTC program.

It's not surprising cadet service in the community included soliciting support for PUSD capital bond measures. Improvements to campus facilities are near and dear to Blair JROTC! While in the old run-down "C" building, the JROTC areas flooded everytime it rained. For about 13 years while the "C" building was rebuilt and before "A" building remodel started, JROTC was housed in the former school woodshop area. This was on the northwest side of the "A" Building. The area intended for a pellet rifle range had to be sacrificed for the JROTC office, and the makeshift classroom had no air conditioning or built-in heat. Cadets routinely sat in classrooms of over 100 degrees. (Yes, year after year. Special acknowledgement goes to 1SG Turner, now retired from Blair, for his continual advocating for his cadets to the school district.) Cadet drills had to take place in and around cars in the parking lot.

In preparation for remodel of the "A" building, which in fact did not begin right away and therefore was not concluded for over five years, the entire JROTC program squeezed into a double-wide trailer classroom on the old Allendale Elementary classroom. The classroom had to include arms storage, classroom, office and cadet staff area. One, then later two, shipping containers were brought in to store supplies, with cadets, parents and instructors hurriedly building shelves for uniforms and supplies. The heat in the containers were damaging to uniforms and textbooks, and they couldn't keep noise away from other classrooms and neighbors, but they survived. Service to the community was continuous and uninterrupted during all the years of facility struggles.

When the newly patched up "A" building reopened in spring 2019, JROTC returned to the northwest wing of the "A" building. This awesome upgrade was not in size, but in quality, with new furnishings, finally regaining a pellet rifle range and precious air conditioning. Thoughout the move-in, cadets helped from 0600 through the end of each day.