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Extended Essay for Diploma Candidates


A key component of the IB Diploma Programme experience is the Extended Essay. This is one of the requirements for full Diploma candidates, along with their six IB courses with exams, the Theory of Knowledge class, and Creativity Activity and Service (CAS) hours.

The Extended Essay provides experience conducting original research and develops college-level writing skills, culminating in a 4,000 word paper. In line with IB philosophy, during the months while students work on the paper, they must also record, in writing, their reflections. These are submitted to IB with the Essay.

Besides points toward earning the IB Diploma from IB test scores, students can also earn up to three points from their Extended Essay and/or Theory of Knowledge course assessments! 

Recent Extended Essay topics by Blair Diploma students include how music therapy helps the brain respond; the impact of the musical Hamilton and its breaking barriers theme; how lethal force can be reduced in law enforcement; how the stigmatization of sexual education affects the perception of and legislation on sexual violence; if the multiverse can be detected with modern physics; and Canada's C-16 bill's attempt to address political correctness. Extended Essay topics did not just focus on North America but we also saw topics related to Spain, Myanmar and Rohinya, the former Soviet Union, and the Guatemalan war, to name a few examples.

Blair's Extended Essay coordinator is Mr. James Goffred, our librarian. He has a wealth of experience at IB schools, teaches our students vital research skills and opens their eyes to resources they can tap.

Blair Extended Essay Class of '21

Blair Extended Essay Class of '21