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Jimmy Chilel


Mas Puentes

Sencillos, pero los llevaré en mi memoria toda la vida.
Simple, but I will keep them in my memory all of my life.

Yo soy de:

San Marcos, Guatemala

Yo soy de un lugar muy frío y congelado

Cada mañana amanece con escarcha y nubes hasta al suelo

Yo soy de donde en las madrugadas antes de ir a desayunar 

tienes que ir a trabajar un rato o ir a sacar los animales al pasto 

soy de donde  temprano se levantan las mujeres a 

Hacer fuego para cocinar e ir a moler maíz para las tortillas 

Y dar desayuno a sus familias 

soy de donde en los momentos festivos se sienten 

A todo dar y se festejan con mucha alegría, donde 

soy de donde también hay mucho miedo y peligro por los 

enfrentamientos de pelea 

Con armas de fuego peleando por los terrenos, y causan muertes 

Con pérdidas de familiares y niños inocentes 

a causas de balas perdidas 

soy de donde sientes miedo de salir y ya no regresar 

Donde a pesar de todo lo malo se lucha por un futuro menos peligroso 

Y sentir libertad y comprensión.  


Hi my name is Jimmy Chilel and I think we all have a different story on the trip we took.In my case it is the following:

It was a Wednesday when they offered me the opportunity to travel to the USA. On Thursday, we left early on a bus. We traveled for almost three hours by bus until we reached the border of Guatemala and Mexico. We exchanged money from my country to Mexican pesos, Then we left the next day to a place in Chiapas, Mexico. I was in that place learning a birth certificate from someone to pass as mine in case someone stopped me on the way. I was there for about 12 days until I learned everything. Along with more things that are from Chiapas, they bought me clothes that they supposedly only use in Mexico. Then they sent me with five others whom they said were more prepared.

We left the house and got on the first bus in Mexico from Chiapas to Tuxtla Gutierrez. From there, I arrived with another companion to Tuxtla. We ate some lunch until the other arrived as he came on another bus. From there, we waited for the next bus that left from Tuxtla to Puebla. We arrived at about three in the afternoon. And again, this bus left until seven at night. We were waiting for that time at the station until the departure time arrived. We traveled in those buses that have two levels for the first time, he had gotten on one of those, total we left and the trip lasted almost all night.

I went with another colleague who was older than me, and he almost knew the stops and that when we were going to arrive we fell asleep and spent about 50 minutes when we realized we were almost reaching the city. From Mexico, we got off quickly. It was still early morning, and it was still dark. We looked for the stop to return to Puebla and we arrived an hour later, the others were already waiting for us in a hotel. There we waited a while. 

We had breakfast and we waited there in that hotel all day until the next day. We went on the longest trip that is from Puebla to a place in Sonora called Sonoita. That trip was long. It was one day and four hours. On that trip, we were prepared because they told us that there were immigration checkpoints from Mexico and as the time of the trip arrived, we left at noon and left for the long trip. We stopped to the bathroom and when it was time to eat. On that trip there were stops where they went up to check if everything was okay until the night a migration reteen stopped us. They got me off the bus and they asked me many things and told me to tell them the truth about where I came from and all that. 

I got strong and told him everything he asked me and I let go. The truth is if I was a little nervous because the man was already yelling at me to tell him the truth but he couldn't be with me. Then he let me go and told me to have a good trip. I said thank you, educacoin first. From there we got to Sonoita and I was happy because it was more inside than outside, as the saying goes. That day we arrived early and I was one day there in Sonita, on the border of Mexico with the USA, waiting for what I would leave at night. Since I arrived early I had to wait. All the way I was in contact with my parents. I never felt alone,

From there the night came and they told me that it was time. They told me to take a few things that I needed the most and that was what I did. I wore a double sweater, double pants and went out. I walked through the desert for about 10 minutes in the dark with only the light of the moon. They told me to follow the straight path that I did not go in another direction, if I did not go straight, so I did go through some large dark tunnels that have large roads. I totally passed them until I reached the border. It was like a wall of wooden posts and a street that was on the edge of the fence, I passed the fence below and walked to my right until a United States immigration patrol came behind me and told me to stand and I I did it. 

I felt a great emotion inside of me when I knew that I was already in the United States. From there the immigration officer checked me. I got into his truck and there were more people there from El Salvador. I recognized them by their way of speaking. They told me, "Don't be scared anymore, You are in good hands ”.
Mas Puentes
Mas Puentes