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Apolonia G Lopez


Mas Puentes
Inheritance from the past / Herencia del pasado

My viaje

Hello my name is Apolonia Lopez
I'm from Guatemala

I came to this country to have 
a good future. It was not so easy to come here 
I never thought of leaving my country. 

I left Guatemala. I came with 16 people
that I don't know. They beat me to pass here.
I came by bus. Then I walked 2 hours after
arriving in Mexico, I stayed in Tijuana for 2 days,
then we started to move forward, I walked another 3 
hours to cross on the border, I passed a river, I was afraid
to go there because in that river it was very big and there
were animals there. But thank God I went there quietly 

When I passed in that river I got caught by the migration
afterwards I took myself in a house that I was one
day and one night I was very sad but then they took
me away they took me in a home that I was 1 month and 22 days 

but there I never lacked anything. They gave me clothes and food. There I was also studying. There, later, I went I passed 2 planes and I came with my sister and my brother is very happy to be with them but thank God I am already here nothing more than now I have what to want to learn English

I'm from Guatemala

Soy de un pueblo muy pequeño. Soy de familia humilde que se forma de dos hermanas y un hermano.

Soy del campo donde hay muchos Animales, gallinas, caballos, borregos Y vacas.

Soy de cosechas, papas, maíz, chile Y higos.

Soy de gente buena que ayudan Cuando se necesita.

Tambien soy de gente que no es buena y Lastima a otros con sus palabra y acciones.

Soy de sueños, ilusiones, y de buscar una vida mejor.

I come from a very small town. My family is very humble It is formed of two sisters and one brother. I come from the country where there are many animals Where there are chickens horses sheep and cows

I come from crops like potatoes, corn peppers and green figs.

I come from very good people, who help us when we need it

I also come from bad people who can hurt you with their words and actions.

I came here in the United States, I passed a river, it was very big It was very deep and there were many animals there

And now that I'm here I'm going to Go ahead I'm going to fulfill my dream

Hola mi nombre es Apolonia Lopez,  soy de guatemala, tengo 15 años 
Vine aqui el 2 de octubre de 2019 
Mi meta es sacar una carrera graduarme 
A mi me gusta el basquetbol


Mas Puentes
Mas Puentes