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Advisory Board and Business Partners

Blair Health Careers Academy is supported by a very active advisory board.  The advisory board is composed of community and business partners from post-secondary institutions, local non-profits, hospitals, private practice professionals and businesses.  They advise the academy on curriculum, support special events like mentor night, provide connections for guest speakers, job shadows and internships, and help with fundraising and recruiting.


Business partners support the academy in a number of ways.

  • By serving as guest speakers, they come to share their knowledge and experience with students in the classroom, providing insight into their professions.  

  • At mentor night, students have the opportunity to speak with business partners one on one, asking questions about their career path, training and profession.

  • Job shadows provide students with the opportunity to meet with professionals in their work space, exploring what that profession looks like for a morning.

  • Internships provide students and employers an opportunity to work together for 60 hours or more.  Students take on projects or complete other tasks for the internship providers and have a chance to develop their skills and explore a potential field of interest.


If you are interested in working more with the academy, please complete the following survey and we will be glad to help you connect.

Students and business partners at recent mentor night